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Electrical and Computer Engineering Student

Welcome to my website! I am currently an undergraduate student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduating in the summer of 2019. My interest in engineering began in my early childhood taking apart game controllers, computers, speakers, and phones. From there the interest sparked towards becoming an Electrical Engineer. Now my focus has moved towards developing the software needed for different embedded systems, much like the ones that I was taking apart. The types of industries including commercial spaceflight, automotive, and robotics are ones that I have strong interest in and am working to be a part of to carry this focus.

Currently I am working in a research group within the university called the Network for Exploration and Space Science that focuses on space science investigation through human robotic teleoperations. Prior to this position, I have worked with different teams on various projects and hope to share all these experiences and the amount of information gained from them on this site. Other than being a tech head, I enjoy staying up to date on space news and policy as well as mountain biking, soccer, and gaming. That doesn’t sum everything up so click around and get to know me more.