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Network for Exploration Space Science - Undergraduate Research

The Network for Exploration and Space Science (NESS) is a team of both universities and industry partners that is part of the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI). The group that I am a part of, within this NESS team, focuses on surface exploration telerobotics at the University of Colorado Boulder. Our group consists of a couple of undergrad and grad students along with professors with focus of interest. Specifically, we are working on creating a simulation of teleoperated assembly of radio telescopes on the far side of the Moon. Our work here will help to develop an experiment to demonstrate human and robotic interactions. My job within this group is to maintain the electrical and software components of the robotic arm and rover system we call “Armstrong”. In particular, I am designing a simple user interface to control Armstrong remotely. Interest for this process started with our head of the group, Jack Burns. His interest in pursuing science on the lunar far side has been evident for a while. An example of our current focus is shown here.

Xcel Energy - System Performance Engineering Intern

Xcel Energy is a for-profit investor owned utility holding company that supplies services across eight states including Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Within Xcel Energy, I worked for the Public Service Company of Colorado which serves about 1.4 million electricity customers and about 1.3 million natural gas customers. The specific group which I was an intern for was system performance. Within this group we dealt with analyzing trends among customer’s power outages to then develop procedures to overcome the frequency of these outages. On top of this, my role was to build a graphical interface that acted as a data dashboard to create a better way for the team to access and interpret the outage information needed. During the creation of this application, there was a need to work directly with the team to consistently check for feedback on design and usability. There were also some exciting perks of working with this group with activities of visiting a natural gas plant, visiting a downtown chiller system, visiting transmission and distribution operation centers, and journeymen ride-alongs.

Aerospace Senior Design Project - Control Integration Lead

Since I have an interest in the aerospace industry, well specifically the space industry, I figured an opportunity to work on a capstone project within the Aerospace department would be ideal. The project that I am part of is to create a rover that will provide reconnaissance of a deployable location for a drone to capture data for wildfire prevention. For this project, I am the lead for control integration which involves combining the software and hardware among the main computer, sensors, communication radios, and motors. This project involves a total of twelve people and being the only electrical engineer on the team I have spent a lot of time designing the system to make the development process simple for some parts and intricate for other parts to manage the workload. The design of the system will include a remote ground station that will provide long-range communications to the rover which will have an on-board computer implementing the Robotic Operating System (ROS) to control different modes of operations that are needed.

Additional School Projects